You Know, It Wasn’t So Easy. But I Don’t Mind At All!

There’s no easy way to become an affiliate marketer, or at least a semi-successful one. I wouldn’t deem myself successful because I just have two or three websites under my wing that have moderate to very high traffic.

Very high traffic. Indeed.

Very high traffic. Indeed.

It wasn’t so easy when it seemed real easy (was this confusing?). All you had to do to get started was to buy some domain names, put up websites using maybe WordPress such as the one I’ve used for this website or some other content management framework and voila, instant marketing and advertising avenue.

But it’s not really the case.

You’ll also have to worry about user traffic, user attitudes, PPC and everything else in between. It’s never an easy task to contact blogs to allow you to post some advertising.

You’ll be banned in plenty of forums. You’ll make some enemies. You’ll find your ideas and beliefs challenged

All because you began a single marketing website.

Of course, you’ll be more motivated if there was some danger involved.

Motivational. Very.


During my time, I was. I needed money to operate on a leg injury that I had had from a motorbike accident. Desperation was near. I needed to raise cash or else.

So I thought about the movie and found that it was a lot of fun to face some hardships. When you have the right to laugh after you’ve faced all the odds, you can say the journey, even if it wasn’t easy, it was worth it and it meant that you did it.

This was the point in my life where I developed my capabilities. This was the time when I created and published different strategies to ensure my blogs had income flowing in them. This was when I first realized that I could make money from online marketing and affiliate marketing.

So I expanded my operations. I healed my leg at this point. I found some people who taught me not to take everything too seriously. So I did, and I had a lot of fun along the way.

This is why most of the posts you’ll see here are about fun and learning at the same time. My mentors have taught me this because they knew I was depressed from my leg injury and hopelessness. So I would definitely want to share this vibe and information with you.

Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business


Here are what I learned when I began my affiliate marketing business.

There are tons of webmasters and business utilizing member programs to improve their on-line sales, and most are free of cost to sign up with. When you register for an affiliate  program, a member related to an unique affiliate ID will certainly be delegated to you. The member hyperlink is made use for marketing the items of your business. When a prospect purchases an item through your affiliate link, you earn associate commission. Beginning an affiliate advertising business is a fantastic means to make added cash!


1. Research affliate programs. Check out the vendor’s internet site to see whether their sales letters are sufficient to create sales. This indicates that for every ONE HUNDRED individuals landing on your business’s internet site, 5 site visitors will make an order.


2. Sign up with a member program.
Pick a program that provides repeating payments that worsen monthly as you refer additional clients.

3. Promote an associate program through a web site. You will certainly have a lot more options in sending out potential purchasers to your member programs if you make a site to promote your affiliate programs.

4. Make your website content relevant. If your associate offers e-books, you could create an assessment or make a YouTube video clip for each e-book with an associate hyperlink to the sales internet site.

5. Drive targeted web traffic to your web site. To earn affiliate compensation you have to drive targeted visitor traffic to your web site. The even more visitor traffic your site obtains, the more likely you’ll generate sales. There are many ways to drive targeted website traffic to your site simply put amount of time:


  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing. You can get a bunch of targeted traffic from PPC advertising programs. Both most prominent and effective Pay Per Click marketing programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Advertising and marketing. These programs permit you to bid for leading rankings on the keyword phrases of your option. When an individual gets in a search term matches your keyword in the Pay Per Click online search engine and press the search button, your contextual advertisement will show up on the sidebar of the search engine results page web page. You’ll be charged based on your proposal quantity if the prospect clicks via your ad to your website. Additionally, Pay Per Click advertising and marketing programs will certainly disperse your advertisements to websites of their material networks also.
  • Short article Advertising. Create a post connected to your associate products with an associated with your internet site in the post’s resource box and send it to reputable write-up directories. To obtain additional and continual targeted web traffic, you need to create even more articles, nonetheless see to it that the write-ups are quality. Attempt to release a new write-up every week. Doing this for a year could drive truckloads of cost-free website traffic to your site.
  • Blog post messages on neighborhood forums with a link to your website in the signature of each message. Make sure your forum profile includes your website hyperlink within the trademark choice. The more people trust you, the a lot more likely they will click your web link.
  • Videos are the quickest and the most efficient method to construct rely on by revealing the advantages of the item in actual time. You can even give a link under the video clip and you can urge your site visitors to purchase the item with your member hyperlink.

Tools of the Trade

You are probably an affiliate marketer because you love to make money in the internet. As with any skill and occupation, tools are necessary to equip and aid us in the journey. What tools are effective for you? Here’s an interesting video that discusses just this: